Hi everybody, and welcome to our first round up of posts submitted to @BirbObserver! I’m excited to see you posting to #birbob and to report the news this week.

First up, we’d extend a huge THANK YOU to everybody helping with rescues from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Tropical Storm Irma breezed by South Carolina on Monday, leaving behind power outages and flooding (Charleston drowned, in case you didn’t see the photos elsewhere), and I know Florida and Georgia suffered mightily under her wrath. Bless the ones who rescued animals during this storm. I know it was a massive effort to evacuate and ensure safety, and we appreciate the hard work that went toward keeping us and our anipals safe. Good riddance, Irma, and bless those who helped and donated/contributed toward the continuing efforts here and with Hurricane Harvey rescue and clean up!

Next up is an exciting announcement from @Songburstburbs that her budgie, Ravi, is learning to talk. How exciting! You’re in for a special adventure. The key is to encourage her — keep talking to her. She’s a pretty girl, and I hope she’s chatting up a storm soon! It’s amazing what words, sounds, and phrases they pick up.

Bubbles, our blue Quaker, is my only good talker. They say parrots mimic inflection and visual/auditory cues, but Bubbles makes me wonder, because sometimes her phrases and chatterings are well-timed comments in context. Bubbles’ favorite is “step up,” and she knows exactly when to say it. Once, when I was asleep with a sinus infection, she blurted out a “step up” when I started snoring. Another time when I was asking my husband what to do about something, she piped up with “step up!” And we won’t get into the time she wolf whistled at the plumber. Or started making kissing sounds and when I asked her who they were for, she said “they’re for Zack!” (Zack is our male sun conure). She’s a spunky girl and a flirty bird! We’d love to hear more stories about talking parrots. What do they say that makes you smile, laugh – or think? And how do you encourage them to learn new phrases? Share those stories and videos!

It’s pirate week for the Zombie Squad! Check out @owa_bob in his new pirate attire for Pirate Week. Aargh! What fun. We love to hear about our birdy buddies having adventures and celebrations such as this. Keep those fun pictures coming!

What’s this about @georgieboysmum being the most blocked bird on Twitter? I thought that honor was held by our buddy, @MiloJames2? Jinx, how could you cede this honor? Seriously, I think many of us get blocked for one reason or another. It’s hard, but you can’t take it to heart. As Winston Churchhill said, “you have enemies? Good! That means you stood up for something.” Unfortunately, these things happen on social media. We want both of them to know that we’re always your friends and surrounded by love. I know both @georgieboysmum and @MiloJames2 have been great friends here for many years, and they’ve encouraged me through many times, good and bad. They’re great friends and honored members of the bird community here!

Last up is a personal note. You may remember I’m an independent author. I’m super excited because I received the best book review I’ve ever had for my sci-fi novel, Progenitor, Book One of The Earthside Trilogy, from BookViral. BookViral is picky about what they’ll review – they only accept about 30% of submittals, so getting a review is an achievement, but this great review is a miracle and a blessing! It’s especially flattering because I’ve wanted to write a trilogy for a long time, but the story didn’t come together until late 2014, and I’ve put a lot of work into it (Book 2 is already out, and Book 3 is scheduled to be out in early 2018). You can see the review at http://www.bookviral.com/progenitor-book-one-of-the-ea/4594033372 .

This is a community, and we welcome you! Post your pictures, videos and stories with @BirbObserver, and you might find you and your friends featured in a future roundup. It doesn’t have to be all about birds, either. Feel free to share your human stories here as well. We want to know your joys, sorrows so we can support you too!

Cheers, and I wish all of you a wonderful weekend!




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