Greetings from Elvisbird, aka Mary, mom to two wonderful 2-year-old birds– Taz, a pineapple conure, and JoJo, a rehomed cockatiel. I am a fairly new bird owner and bird lover.

Earlier I admired parrots for their brilliant colors and unique personalities but disliked them– Until a pied cockatiel named Hamilton came to roost nextdoor as my grandson Carson’s pet. I would sing to “Hambird”, and he would bob his head and chirp along. One day Carson and his dad got me my own bird! — A beautiful white saddleback cockatiel I named Elvis.

Birds grew important to me when I retired from IT management, publishing, and teaching. I now keep busy with birds, six grandchildren, two children, and my husband of 47 years. I love visiting my grands and sisters, Dallas Cowboys football, and Texas Rangers baseball.

Elvis. Elvis fascinated me, inspiring an extensive study of birds. I wrote stories about Elvis on FaceBook, gave Elvis a Twitter account, and wrote an as-of-yet unpublished book about him. Elvis was the delight of my life.

Earlier this summer Elvis flew out the door, and we have not been able to find him. My heart is broken, but Taz and JoJo fill the gaps. I still visit Hamilton.

Excited to be a part of BirbObserver, I look forward to meeting new birdlovers and hearing about the hilarious bird antics.


(Photo credits: Mary – Elvisbird)

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