My name is Diana LaFleur.  I am the proud owner of three parrots– Morty (African grey), Sassy (jardine) and Nehemiah (red-bellied).

I became interested in parrots in 1992 while I was living in New Jersey. I was recovering from a spinal cord tumor, and parrots became a part of my therapy. I went from one therapy parrot to 16 parrots in a few years! Trust me, I got my daily regimen of therapy!

I joined the Real Macaw Parrot Club and served as Secretary for two years and as Vice-President for four. I wrote humorous monthly articles for the club newsletter for over eight years. I also headed up the Toucan Live as Cheaply As One adoption service.

I am a children’s pastor and I enjoy photography, bird watching, and gardening. I have been known to be a comedienne.

So enough about me . . . Let’s get this show on the road!


(Photo credits: Diana LaFleur) 

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