My name is Jasmin. I am twenty years old and studying Nursing. I live in New Jersey and have a 5-year-old male sun conure named Frankie.

Frankie is a feisty little boy, particular in his like and dislike of specific individuals. In my family, it’s me he likes and trusts most, wanting always to be at my side, especially if I am eating. I got him when he was seven months old. He had clipped wings then. I convinced my parents to let the feathers grow out so he would be fully flighted.

I taught him to jump onto my finger, rewarding him with a peanut. Gradually I increased the distance between him and my finger until first he had to flap, and next, fly. He learned to trust his wings this way. Eventually he was soaring and flying about the house.

Frankie did poop everywhere as he flew about! That inspired me to potty train him. And that made me realize how smart these birds are– they are VERY intelligent.

I am very glad I have Frankie in my life, he is a good birb. He even preens my eyebrows! (See below).

I look forward to writing and editing articles about birds with the rest of the BirbObserver team.

(Photo credits: Jasmin

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