Hi everybody!

I’m Sherri – the – Writer, and I’m the proud “mommy” of three birds: sun conures Zack (age 17), Chloe (age 14), and a Quaker, Bubbles (age 3). I’ve had birds since my 10th birthday, when I begged my parents to get me a parakeet after taking care of one for a friend while they visited family out of state. This wasn’t easy in a home with a mother and brother who were cat lovers, but we managed to negotiate having a cat and three parakeets for a period of time. It seems that 3 is my magic number when it comes to birds! I’ve had seven birds in my lifetime: four parakeets, plus the two sun conures and Quaker I currently have.

In addition to being a bird “mommy,” I’m also married to my college sweetheart for 19 years, where we live on family land in Columbia, South Carolina. I work full time as a program assistant in professional licensing, and am also an indie author writing science fiction, mystery, and inspirational non-fiction. In short, I type a lot, and sweep and vacuum a lot of bird mess! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I look forward to seeing your tweets, and working with my pals here on BirbObserver. But enough about me: it’s your turn, so share those pictures, stories, questions, tweets. Don’t keep us hanging!

pic 1

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